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Vivien Vári


Hej hej! Det är jag Vivi som står bakom kameran:)

Jag kommer ursprungligen från Ungern och flyttade till Sverige för 10 år sedan. Jag har alltid tyckt om att fota tack för min kreativt familjebakgrund. Jag kommer ihåg när jag fick min första mobiltelefon med kamera så har jag fotat så mycket så att telefonminnet blev fullt

I come from Hungary, living in Sweden for about 10 years now.

I  have always loved photography from my early childhood thanks to my creative family background. I have built my whole life around children developing those skills that help me now in photography.

* * *

I´m married to my bearded man of my life and we have a fantastic three year old son who made me realize how important those moments are that you can´t bring back. But if you catch these moments in a photo, you can save them not just for your lifetime, but for your children's too.

The first week, the first adorable dress and the first smile in this beautiful, sparkling life... Do not miss them, call me and I help you to create the very first memories or the very last when your little life was still inside the bump.



By Nora

I was very nervous before the photoshoot, in fact I almost cancelled! Very glad I did not! Vivi managed to create a vibe that felt simply natural. It did not feel like posing, was just me and my little ones in my, by then, huge belly! Thank you for the beautiful pictures!

-By Nora

By Malin&Anders

Vivi har tagit både gravid och babybilder åt oss och vi är väldigt nöjda. Hon är professionell och samtidigt naturlig kring bebisar!

-By Malin&Anders

By Agnes

Our twins were very tiny at the time of the photoshoot, they felt so fragile! Vivi handled them not just carefully, but whit a lot of warmth! We had a relaxed time and so did our boys. And the pictures are memories we will cherish forever

- by Agnes

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